Electrolysis hair removal is the process by which hair is permanently removed from the face by use of a metal probe or special electrode that destroys it at the root. This process takes place in multiple sessions because it entails the targeting of every individual hair follicle. There are three types of electrolysis hair removal, which include galvanic, blend, and thermolysis. All these types are highly effective with regard to the removal of hair because they prevent the growth of hair permanently or for very long periods. Electrolysis is mainly targeted at facial hair but can be used to prevent the growth of hair on any other part of the body.

One of the key advantages of electrolysis hair removal over other methods is that it can be applied to different type’s hair without regard to pigment. As such, it is usually considered to be superior to other alternatives such as laser. The effectiveness of the process is based on the permanency of the results and the ability to prevent the growth of hair from the very point of origin. This process is particularly suitable for people struggling with tough hair growth that sprouts within a few days of shaving. This method is usually considered difficult especially where the hair follicles are bent because past processes such as waxing. Such a challenge requires significant lengths of time to accomplish the process.

Electrolysis hair removal is a process that requires very delicate handling in order to achieve its objective of permanent or long-term hair removal. The risk of poorly performed electrolysis remains real with multiple adverse consequences including the discoloring of the skin area where the process is performed. As such, electrolysis hair removal should only be performed by highly trained and experienced specialists with the capacity to handle the kind of challenges and complexities involved. This expertise usually implies that the process can be expensive to levels that keep off certain categories of people.

The discomforts of itching and pain are some of the acknowledged side-effects that some people experience while or after undergoing electrolysis hair removal. The intensity of these discomforts varies from one person to another and also depends with the kind of care provided by the experts performing the process. The pain can be excessive among people with sensitive skin types. However, special creams can be used to ease the pain or itching. The use of contaminated equipment in the performance of electrolysis hair removal can expose people to high risks of skin contamination.

Ultimately, electrolysis hair removal remains one of the most effective solutions to a growing number of people who desire to remove hair from various parts of their bodies with a permanent effect. The process can apply to women struggling with the genetic beard problem or men who desire to spruce up their facial looks without the inconvenience of frequent visits to a barber. However, the length of time required and the high stakes in precision are some of the demotivating factors for some people. If properly managed, electrolysis hair removal can offer a lasting solution to multiple hair challenges.

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